20 inch Volvo Bumper

This bumper is lower than the factory bumper that gives you a custom look and also helps in aerodynamics.  The bumper is a direct bolt up bumper. This bumper fits Volvo 630,670 and 780. Read More

359 Bowtie Visor

This is a boltless visor, it bolts on each of the cab and has a hidden bracket that mounts between the windshields.  The Visor measures 14" at the ends and 8" in the middle. Also includes the Bracket & all mounting hardware/bolts.

$250 Read More

359 Gangsta style

This "Gangsta style" front fender is 6" lower to the ground, and has a custom cut that contours prefectly with the tire.  This same fender can be cut with a straight 4.5"-- 8.5" lip. This fender comes with a full built in liner.

$725 per pair

The 2 photos of the blue truck with black fenders are a custom cut.
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379 6 Inch Front Fender

This 379 Front fender has a 6" lip.  If you are looking for a fender to close the gap between the fender and the tire this is the fender for you.  It is also 6" lower in the back which matches the height of your 20" bumper.   As with all Talladega Fiberglass fenders they come with a full built in liner and also has a five year manufacturer warranty. Read More

379 Bowtie Visor

 379 Bowtie visor, The visor is 13" on the outside and tapers to 8" in the middle.  The visor bolts on each end and has a bracket in the middle. Light weight durable fiberglass that paint a bonds to well.  If you are looking for that painted look, get rid of that stainless and paint this fiberglass visor and never worry about the paint flaking off!
Alos includes Bracket bolts/mounting hardware.

$250 Read More

379 Flat Top Overhead Console

This console is a one piece fiberglass replacement to your stock console.  The console tucks under the window trim in the front and screws to the roof supports.  The console gives you more room for your radio,stereos and GPS etc.

$225 Read More

379 flat top roof cap

This is a fiberglass flat top roof cap for a 379 Peterbilt.  It is a one piece top that will replace the aluminum top.  Read More

379 front fender 4.5

This 379 Front fender has a 4.5" lip.  If you are looking for a fender that is a little more custom than stock yet isn't to low, this is the fender for you. This fender also works well if your truck is lowered in the front. Read More
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